20″ Multi Beaded Tribal Colored Collar

20″ Multi Beaded Tribal Colored Collar Statement Necklace Comes In Multi Colors $35.00


Say it with a tie… street syle

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This look is sharp, sexy, sophisticated and stylish.  Ties are great accessories for women on the go! for one, they’re versatile and an easy way to add a bit of color and character to any outfit.  There are so many ways for women to style a tie in ways that are cute enough to bring out the feminine street-style.  An inspired tie can do a lot to complement your seasons outfits. Channel your golden chic side by making use of your imagination and the style that suits you best and wear it with attitude.


Say it with a Scarf.

foulard-autour-du-bras scarf

As of late I’ve have silk scarves and handkerchiefs on the brain.  I love a pretty scarf around the neck with a brooch, yes I do.  But, a silk scarf tied around the wrist is the perfect pop I love with a classic white button down the look however really works with anything from a sleeveless blouse to a classic T-shirt—it’s a great opportunity to mix prints or give a distressed top a little polish.  A pretty textile can be found in a thrift shop a specialty store, your mother and yes your grandmother’s closet.  Since printed scarves and handkerchiefs are almost always in abundance you’re guaranteed a fresh look everyday.  Know that Vintage items are a gem to have and the best part is you’ve got a look and style all your own.

Werk it out

GSCS0490RDWHT lawholesalerouteA style that’s all your own! Finish every wardrobe whim with a bold statement necklace and a haute fashion watch.  Create your signature look with the help of Red-Hautecouture.com.  Turn heads with impressive statement jewelry. Our trends are eye-catching and fashion-forward. If you want to turn heads, try our statement necklaces.  Our pieces speak loud and clear.


I’m notorious for keeping my jewelry in a massive heap that always seems to require untangling.  But, this has brought on the perfect solution, thanks to some smart Googling and a totally easy tip. My search for “how to untangle jewelry” brought me to  allyou.com, where I discovered a way to undo knots in necklaces using stuff I already had in my house, are you ready for it?…wait for it…wait for it…..BABY OIL ! and STRAIGHT PINS ! yes, you heard me…..”Rub a few drops of baby oil into each knot and work them gently free with a straight pin.”

Considering my pile was seriously huge I managed to work through my heap in about ten minutes or so.  I’m positive this dynamic duo will work on any chains you throw its way. The oil makes things just slick enough that there’s no friction to cause even more tangling, and the pins are much better at getting into tight spaces.  If you’ve got tangled necklaces or bracelets at home, I highly recommend this little trick! What do you think, ladies? Try it and see and let me know what ya think.  Do you have a solution for dealing with this mess in your jewelry box? let me know.




 Taking time to get a great pair of shoes! Here is how I do my shoes.  They have to transform my body language and attitude.     

Ladies make sure you are wearing the right shoes size .
Over the years my foot size has changed and so will yours from a size 8 to an 8 1/2- even a 9 in some shoes….Wowzer, I kept wondering why my feet were hurting and it wasn’t until I had my feet re-sized last year, that I came to terms that my feet had “grown” so to speak, so definitely find out your correct shoe size before you buy, otherwise you’ll be taking them back for a larger size, so save yourself time and aggravation ladies (and gents).  Let’s talk about one #rockithaute denim dress that has street style, pizzazz and is super cute.  This little number is easy, breezy and has a million different ways to #rockithaute, this denim mainstay should be in every woman’s wardrobe.  Let’s start by highlighting the versatility of the denim dress with a statement necklace and a really pair of great hills…BAM.