Life of a Eastern (belly) Dancer

Originally, belly dancing is thought to had descended from ancient Egypt. An expressive social dance which emphasizes complex movements of the torso. It has evolved to take many different forms depending on the country and region, both in costume and dance style. It’s popularity in the West has spread and is viewed as an exotic dance because 1)Percussive movements, 2)Fluid movements – Flowing movements in which the body is in continuous motion most commonly of the hips, 3) Shimmies, shivers and vibrations – Small, fast, continuous movements of the hips or rib cage which create an impression of texture and depth of movement. Some in the West also see this a form of “working out”, because a lot of muscle groups are being worked, especially the abdominal muscles and the arms work particularly hard. For women that struggle with self-acceptance, you know that big elephant in the room? I suggest starting with mind-body connection, getting your mindset right…first. Meditating and breathing better, long deep breathes, and allow yourself to feel…period. Take a walk around the block, 2,3,5,6 times, whatever you like…just do it. And speak your truth into reality.


(Video)What it means to be Golden

I love it when children are steadfast and determined.  Determined because of the examples before them and also because they want to be somebody.  Somebody that’s been called to higher purposes in life, whether they are athletes, white or blue collar employees or employers even entrepreneurs, young people that are determined and steadfast in a vision a vision that soars beyond the neighborhood or false circumstances are the future trailblazers. I love to see young people excited about living their best life and self.  Do I credit this to good parenting, yes, but I also know that there are those that choose to rise above the ashes.  According to Greek mythology: A Phoenix is a long lived bird that is cyclically reborn or regenerated.  Associated with the Sun a phoenix obtains new life by rising from the ashes of it’s predecessor.  And for that reason I give homage to all the excellent, extraordinary, brilliant, genius, beautiful, magnificent HUEMAN examples. Remember you are GOLDEN.




Make a Statement (Video)

Look good all summer without breaking a sweat.  And statement necklaces are the complement you’ll need without making you feel uncomfortable while looking great in a summer dress or a funky T-shirt (you know what I mean when I say funky).  You’ve found a statement necklace that is so bright, beautiful and bold you want it to take center stage, riiight? Wear an all-black funky “T” that is full of texture to make that necklace really pop.

Whatever your style or inspiration is, big is definitely better, and a statement necklace will create an impact, be confident, LIVE OUT LOUD IN ALL CAPS.  Whatever the occasion is a colorful piece of neck candy will transform your favorite maxi into a va va voom…Hello.