Red-Haute Earbuds

new-arrival-fashion-earphones-rhinestone-luxurious-pearl-necklace-earphone-for-women-gift-stereo-earbud-auriculares-collar-jpg_640x640Luxe Fashion Rhinestone Earbuds that I love and a must have.  For one this Pearl Necklace Earbud for Women is Haute and for so many reasons.  For one the rhinestone beads stands out and what’s not to like about that. Another is the color, it’s Haute and Red and eye catching. These Luxe earbuds are cute and sweet for the everyday jazzy lady. Plus the colors come in  Beautiful Black/Pretty Pink/Royal Purple/Red-Haute and Pearly White.



Vinatge Perfume Atomizer


I love an old-fashioned perfume atomizer.  Like this long tassel spray pineapple pattern glass balloon perfume bottle.  I like because it’s refillable and I can use it for my favorite perfumes and body oil.  This perfume atomizer will class up any vanity for sure. Not only is it vintage and refillable it’s also fashionable.  What’s so nice about   perfume atomizers are that they transform liquid perfume into a fine mist that can be applied to various areas of the body. Unlike some spray bottles that emit a stream of liquid, making them ideal for scents that should only be applied in small amounts.  I love it ladies and so will you.

Carpe Diem

This is Sis*Star Sunday: Carpe Diem: Is used to urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future.  Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling like oooo oooo oooo it’s all good? I mean everything is all good.  I’m not going to wait until the first of the year to claim any resolutions, now, right now is the time.  Making a declaration doesn’t involve tomorrow it is right now that’s when you get the most of the moment when you act on it.  The World is my oyster and I drive my thought expression to exactly what it is I want driving good things around me for anything I want, I ask and it is given that’s when I know that oooo ooo ooo is workin’. My Declaration(s) started months ago and the blooms are to big not to see, not to smell and not appreciate.

Bold, Bad & Beautiful


This is what I know. What I like about being bold, bad and beautiful is the sheer simplicity. Take for example the golden sunnies on BOLD stunning brown skin is reflected in the chiseled feminine face. The BEAUTIFUL nose attributed by righteous virtue is sought after and her natural BAD ass voluptuous lips are desired and lovely so much so that people pay money for these natural lips. Make no make mistake about it the womb-man Hue man is a bad divine creature.

Courtsey of Model: Sarah-Jennifer Makeup: Marie-Eve Drapeau Hair: Weena Jerome Photo & Retouch: Ben CK @Benck’s Photography.