How to Keep Your Jewelry Looking Brand New

I spoke about this awhile back and again it may be a shock some and some maybe not. How does one keep their jewelry looking brand new and keep it from turning colors on you. Like most women I love jewelry 14K, 24K gold, sterling silver, platinum and the like.  Don’t get me wrong they are beautiful metals but, my heart has an affinity to gorgeous costume jewelry so much so that I market my own collection of Red-Hautecouture.(It’s out there for the Universe).

Ladies when you purchase a faux Statement Necklace Set and you get lots of compliments please save your pieces by applying this one product, not only will it save you money, frustration and your neck, arm and fingers from turning green but this product will provide permanent protection as well as a protective glossy coat that will not yellow with age and is moisture resistant and smudge proof.  Yes, you can you use clear finger nail polish if you want but why when Krylon adds so many benefits to your collection.  Ladies it gets the job done, try for yourself and see, you won’t regret it.



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