How to make your shoes last longer


When shopping for a pair shoes I look for two things 1) how do they feel and 2) how do they look on my feet PERIOD. Some of my shoes are several years old and one thing I learned a while back is that those shoes that are my absolute favs they get the shoe love because I like candy on my feet..LOL. One thing I do is put a new sole on them which gives them new life a new look and a new feel and get this Cobblers these days offer red rubber soles can you say Louboutins.  I like to use a black sharpie on a pair of patent leather hills to color in the scuff marks….what, you mad?.  I’ve even invested in shoe trees because they allow your shoes to contract and dry out. Again, these are for shoes that you have love for.  Heel caps and rubber soles are also important because the rubber soles add cushion and the rubber taps protect from bottom scraping ..Hello.  Your Cobbler can do it in minutes and it’s definitely worth it. Keeping the love for my fabulous leather hills supple I invest invest in some leather conditioner that will liven up my leather and make it pop, and it lasts. After you have spoken new life into your shoe candy it is essential that you don’t throw your favs underneath the bed or in the closet because they want to breath and stand out….like you.


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